TCAL 2019

4th annual
“Library, Rebooted”
Thursday, July 25, 2019
Albert S. Cook Library, Towson University


Build a Back End! Build a Front End!: A guided hands-on tour of modern web development tools and concepts

Participants will interact with pre-written code to build a live web application that serves open data from a back end, and displays it as a pretty list on a front end. We’ll leverage cutting edge platforms and automation tools to deploy code for free and have fun doing it! This workshop requires no prior experience. It is well suited for people interested in learning to code, or those who are interested in what modern web development trends looks like in 2019.

Brian Zelip, Emerging Technologies Librarian, University of Maryland, Health Sciences and Human Services Library



Collaborating for Student Success

A librarian, a writing center director, and two reference staff members will share how they have created an effective and sustainable interdepartmental relationship. From welcome week activities to campus outreach, collaborative workshops, teaching engagements, and plans for future growth; individual efforts have grown into a strong interdepartmental team dedicated to student success!

Erin Durham, Reference & Instruction Faculty Librarian, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Elaine MacDougall, Director of the Writing Center and English Lecturer, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Allison Jennings-Roche, Library Services Specialist, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Beck Hertl, Library Services Specialist, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

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Engaging with the Engagers: Building Bridges From the Library to Alumni Affairs with Special Collections

Small libraries without extensive archival programs can still use their special collections as an internal resource for other academic units, particularly Alumni Affairs. Session explores uses of these resources and points to some outcomes.

Joe Neumann, Digital Legal Resources Librarian, University of Maryland School of Law

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I am a Manager. Help!

Managers and supervisors crave advice on how to coach employees who would rather be elsewhere. This session will review HR Laws and policies to assist you when you are conflicted regarding the appropriate response to inappropriate behaviors exhibited by your staff.
You are not alone, help is available.

Paula Langley, Circulation Manager, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Aishar Pinnock, Interim Director of Libraries Human Resources, University of Maryland, College Park

Innovators Reboot the Library: Tips on contributing to a culture where innovation thrives

Is your library a utopia for innovators, or does it lean heavily on new recruits to innovate? How does your library promote innovation and give flexibility to innovators? This presentation draws from non-library organizations like Google and Microsoft to explore how organizations, teams, and innovators can build a culture where innovation thrives. We will explore psychological safety, the Core Commitments, Agile/Lean methods, design sprints, and gamestorming.

Julia Caffrey, Web Services Librarian, Towson University

It’s who you know: Teaming up to help faculty use library materials in courses

Faculty rely on library resources when building courses, but we may not be communicating the nuances of those resources to faculty. In this session, presenters will lead brainstorming activities for identifying ‘pain points’ in the resource adoption process and attendees can begin to develop better-informed content management and liaison practices.

Elizabeth De Coster, Research and Instruction Librarian, Towson University
Miriam DesHarnais, Research and Instruction Librarian, Towson University
Rob Pleshar, Library Associate for Electronic Resources, Towson University
Kyla O’Hara, Library Services Specialist, Towson University

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Mission Impossible: Aligning Programming with the Needs and Mission of Academic Libraries

This interactive workshop will provide an overview of strategies used at Albert S. Cook Library to create and maintain a schedule of mission-focused programming. Participants will have the chance to brainstorm their ideas and draw inspiration from peers.

Eden Parks, Librarian for Outreach and Student Engagement, Towson University

Partners in the intellectual life of the campus: librarians develop and lead outreach and engagement programs

Through cross-departmental collaboration, the University of Maryland Libraries have developed innovative outreach and engagement programs.  Librarians will discuss three of these:  “Speaking of Books: Conversations with Faculty Authors,” “Celebrating Literary Classics” and “Interdisciplinary Dialogues” a series that brings together campus experts to discuss a wide range of current issues.”

Patricia Herron, Humanities Librarian, University of Maryland, College Park
Lily Griner, Business & Economics Librarian, University of Maryland, College Park
Eric Lindquist, Humanities Librarian, University of Maryland, College Park

Planning for Digital Preservation

What does it take to plan for successful digital preservation of organizational assets? Who should be involved? How do you manage stakeholder expectations and keep your project on track? Learn how librarians preserved an at-risk collection of performance recordings and explore digital preservation project planning from a variety of perspectives in a scenario-based activity.

Mark Lane, Digital Preservation Librarian, James Madison University

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Providing an Environment for Authentic Learning Experiences by Serving as “Client” for Computer Science Capstone Projects

Loyola Notre Dame Library recently began partnering with the computer science department on senior capstone projects. By providing ready to go ideas and library-provided makerspace equipment, the library serves as client to students working through all phases of their projects

Matthew Treskon, Technology Librarian, Loyola Notre Dame Library

Reformatting the archives: Plugging in new technologies to upgrade user connections

This session explores the myriad ways we have invited patrons to interact with TU’s Special Collections and University Archives (SCUA) using different technologies. We have developed ways to streamline patron workflows, create opportunities to interact with materials, and invited students to share their experiences with us to deepen our collections.

Ashley Todd-Diaz, Assistant University Librarian for Special Collections and University Archives, Towson University
Felicity Knox, Library Associate to Special Collections and University Archives, Towson University

Teachers Teaching Librarians to Teach: Instructional Design 101 for Teaching Librarians

This session will focus on instructional design, as told through Stevenson Universities partnership with Education. Come join us, and help yourself create a better lesson!

Don Osborn, Discovery & Public Services Librarian, Stevenson University

To the Window, to the Wall: Reimagined Spaces in One Short Year

Higher education professionals today continuously seek innovative ways to support student learning. Community colleges, not surprisingly, must do this within the constraints of limited resources. In June 2017, one small community college boldly took the first steps toward reinventing a long-established traditional library into a cutting-edge, energized learning environment, launching a sustainable investment in learning for future students. Not only did this transformation involve reimagining existing physical space and identifying low-to-no-cost solutions, this college quite literally cut the bookshelves in half, revealing breathtaking views through the floor-to-ceiling windows! This transformation provided generous opportunities to collaborate across traditional departmental lines and transformed teaching and learning in a true culture-shift. As a result, student performance measures are on the rise and the atmosphere in the space has been revitalized.

Jennifer Meslener, Interim Director of the Learning Commons, Garrett College
Ashley Ruby, Director of Advising & Academic Success, Garrett College

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Trial, Error, and Success with a Library Visualization Wall

Learn about the implementation, trials, errors, and successes of using a Visualization Wall (or ‘Viz Wall’) in an academic library! This session is for those interested in a Viz Wall for their library, or for those looking to do more with one that they already have.

Clara Love, Technology Resources Assistant, Loyola Notre Dame Library

UPS Address Cleanup Project

Learn how we at McKeldin Library improved our UPS shipping method by reviewing our addresses and importing a new UPS address book. Help us start a dialogue with other libraries about best practices for UPS shipping that help us better serve our patrons.

Emily Spangler, Library Services Supervisor, University of Maryland, College Park
Austin Smith, Library Services Supervisor, University of Maryland, College Park
Taylor Vaughan, Library Services Specialist, University of Maryland, College Park

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What have we learned? – One year as co-directors

This session discusses lessons learned after a year of experience with a co-director model at the Hoover Library, McDaniel College. This interim arrangement was decided upon the position became vacant in Fall 2018. Operational and strategic decision-making issues, as well as necessary adjustments made to expectations of and participations in professional and college-related activities will be discussed. Planning, outcomes, challenges, and successes will all be addressed, and the limits of the arrangement as a solution will also be discussed. Attendees are encouraged to come with questions and thoughts about how similar situations might impact or benefit their own home libraries.

Elizabeth Davidson, Co-Interim Director and Head of Public Services, McDaniel College
David Brennan, Co-Interim Director and Head of Technical Services & E-Resources Librarian, McDaniel College

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Where Has the Time Gone?: Time Management and Prioritization in Library Jobs

“Too much to do and not enough time to do it in” seems to be a constant mantra for most library workers. How do you set priorities and best manage your time? Join us for an interactive discussion to gain fresh ideas on how to handle these perennial challenges.

Jennifer Martin, Cataloging and Metadata Services Librarian, Salisbury University
Susan Brazer, Science Research & Instruction Librarian, Salisbury University

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“Where to start?” Improving Digital Accessibility across Library Departments and Roles

If you are overwhelmed or wondering where to start addressing digital accessibility in your library and day-to-day work, this program is for you. Library professionals from University of Maryland and Towson University share steps to improve accessibility across different functional areas and departments. This session focuses on why and how we think strategically to untangle accessibility issues and includes perspectives across library departments (interlibrary loan, technology, instruction, websites and discovery), with an emphasis on how to get started.

Julia Caffrey (Moderator), Web Services Librarian, Towson University
Hilary Thompson (Moderator), Acting Director of User Services & Resource Sharing, University of Maryland, College Park
Bill Helman, IT Librarian, Towson University
Kimberly Miller, Assessment Librarian, Towson University
Lisa Woznicki, Research & Instruction Librarian, Towson University
James David Weber, Library Services Supervisor, University of Maryland, College Park
Austin Smith, Resource Sharing Supervisor, University of Maryland, College Park

Wizarding 101: LibWizard as a Portal For Enhancing Library Instruction

Your tutorials need to be updated. Why? Because they are outdated, cumbersome, or pre-packaged affairs that check boxes without meeting needs. What can you do – Resort to Wizardry! LibWizardry! Come, discover how LibWizard can match content across physical and virtual spaces, and how that can generally enhance your library instruction!

Daniel Gallaher, Information Literacy Librarian, Frederick Community College
Colleen McKnight, Director of Library Services, Frederick Community College


Poster Sessions


Academic Libraries, the New Frontier for Health Literacy

Are you looking for new partnerships?  The United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) outlines a vision for organizations and professionals to take an active role in improving health literacy. Several of its underlying goals are applicable to libraries including those in higher education settings. An academic library from a mid-size university recently collaborated with the university’s health service center to promote health literacy. Phase one of this collaboration saw the creation of a campus wide health literacy workshop and a new targeted health promotion. The poster will discuss how stakeholders were identified, message was created and the project assessed. Phase two is currently in progress it includes creation of further campus wide events, an online toolkit, and the selection of additional collaboration partners.

Semhar Yohannes, Science Reference and Instruction Librarian, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

BrowZine Your E-Journals and E-Articles

The poster will share an academic library’s experience with the E-Journal mobile application. The poster will display how BrowZine is used as the journal, issue, and article destination, integrated into discovery services, and linked into subject guides.

Linda Wen, Head of Collections and Bibliographic Services, Washington College of Law



Building Strategic Partnerships between Liaison Librarians and Academic Programs Using Curriculum Mapping

Creating stronger partnerships with disciplinary faculty is something many librarians strive to do, but it can be challenging. This poster highlights how curriculum mapping can be used to build partnerships between the library and academic departments, with a particular focus on incorporating information literacy into upper-level undergraduate studio art courses.

Clare Kuntz

Families Reimagined: A Library Celebration of Diversity

Learn how SU Libraries successfully collaborated to bring a photo/text exhibit to our campus to celebrate the diversity of modern family life and hear of its profound impact on students, faculty, staff, and the local community.

Stephen Ford, CRC Coordinator & Education Librarian, Salisbury University
Mou Chakraborty, Director of External Library Services, Salisbury University

Poster Panels
Poster Panels


Farm to Bedside Table: Letting Collections Gain New Life in Real-World Settings

The University of Maryland Libraries brought a curated collection of books to the campus Farmers Market, in order to raise awareness about the diversity of collections available through the library, reduce barriers to entry, and promote the library as a place for exploration and open discovery.

Benjamin Shaw, GA for Teaching & Outreach, University of Maryland, College Park
Stephanie Ritchie, Agriculture and Natural Resources Librarian, University of Maryland, College Park



Library Collaboration with Course Development on OERs

This poster will cover the process of the library collaborating with the university’s Course Development department to find OERs to replace textbook material. It will show the steps involved, from determining a course’s key concepts to searching for relevant OERs for teaching these concepts.

Neal Pomea, Reference and Instruction Librarian, University of Maryland, University College
Megan Davis, Reference and Instruction Librarian, University of Maryland, University College



Life after Dogs: Rebooting LNDL’s Stressbusters Program

For years, visits from therapy dogs were the cornerstone of the Loyola Notre Dame Library’s end-of-semester Stressbusters program. After changes in university policies, however, the Library had to discontinue this popular event. This poster will illustrate the evolution of the Stressbusters program, describe the collaboration process, and provide ideas for creative programming.

Jennie Ray, Information Literacy Coordinator, Loyola Notre Dame Library



Managing Library Instruction as CoP

Learn how the AOK Library at UMBC manages the development and decision-making needs of teaching and learning in the library. A community of practice model uses collaboration to prioritize and complete the work around instruction. This approach distributes workload, provides opportunities for focused enrichment, and ensures program consistency and continuity.

Katy Sullivan, Head of Reference & Instruction, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Joanna Gadsby, Instruction Coordinator & Reference Librarian, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Measuring the Link between Diversity-Awareness Training & Effective Inclusive Information Literacy Instruction

As the student population of post-secondary institutions becomes more diverse, academic librarians seek inclusive teaching strategies to reach students with varied learning needs with information literacy instruction programs. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a form of instructional design which provides multiple methods of engagement, representation and expression. UDL is an encompassing theory, however how do we measure the attitudes and actions of academic librarians in the application of these techniques? How do we measure the effectiveness of diversity-awareness training for academic librarian instruction outcomes? The Inclusive Teaching Strategies Inventory (ITSI), an online self-report survey, with established validity and reliability, developed by Lombardi and Murray (2011) is a tool which assesses the impact of disability-related training on the attitudes and actions of faculty and their use of UDL. Utilizing the ITSI this investigation proposes a positive relationship between diversity-awareness training and the effective implementation of UDL in information literacy instruction.

Laura Lipke, MLIS Student, University of Maryland, College Park



On Display: Partnering Special Collections and Research & Instruction through Student-led Exhibits

Special collections departments can find themselves left at the wayside when it comes to teaching research and instruction across varied disciplines. Partnerships can be forged through a scholarship-based approach, with outcomes that venture beyond text. Learn how students have led exhibit-based research and how ongoing exhibit programs can enhance cross-departmental knowledge.

Allison Fischbach, Research and Archives Associate, Towson University



Putting a Name and Face to the Data Points: Illustrating the Library’s Impact Through User Stories

Rather than relying solely on space and instruction data to highlight the library’s impact, the Loyola Notre Dame Library decided to supplement with a video of user’s stories to put a name and face to that data. Learn how we identified the stories and created focused questions to create the film. Beneficial for all audiences.

Kristina Wagner, Health and Natural Sciences Librarian, Loyola Notre Dame Library

R For Reproducibility: Library-based instruction for the statistical programming language

R is a popular open source programming language for data analysis and visualization and whose use can increase research reproducibility. Johns Hopkins Data Services will share our experiences with running an R workshop, and the related benefits we found in doing so.

Chen Chiu, Data Management Consultant, Johns Hopkins University

Women in Medical Librarianship: A Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Associate Fellows from the National Library of Medicine organized a Wikipedia edit-a-thon. With a goal of developing Wikipedia editing skills, and highlighting historic women in librarianship, we discovered ways to engage in discussions of representation and bias in collections, inspire curiosity. empower students, and demonstrate the value of discoverable resources.

Sarah Clarke, Associate Fellow, National Library of Medicine
Stacy Brody, Associate Fellow, National Library of Medicine
Amelia Llorens, Associate Fellow, National Library of Medicine
Cecelia Vetter, Associate Fellow, National Library of Medicine
Paije Wilson, Associate Fellow, National Library of Medicine


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