Mark Your Calendars for TCAL 2023!


Centering Library Services: Finding Balance in What We Do


Thursday, July 20, 2023


TCAL is returning for an in-person experience!

Registration is now open! Please register via our Eventbrite page. The cost of registration for presenters and information and library science students is $25; the cost of registration for all other attendees is $35.

The 8th annual Towson Conference for Academic Libraries will be held on Thursday, July 20, 2023 at Towson University.

This low-cost, one-day conference is for all academic library workers.

This year’s theme is “Centering Library Services: Finding balance in what we do.” At the 8th annual TCAL, we are looking forward to exploring the balance in work-life balance. We will be interested in session proposals that explore this theme with such perspectives as:

  • Leisure, fun, & library work-life balance
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in academic libraries
  • Strategies for managing workloads and stress
  • Fresh ideas and innovative perspectives for the 21st century and/or the post-pandemic library
  • Tales of successful and/or not successful projects
  • Examples of leading change in your community(ies)
  • Experiences working with new technology
  • Challenges to established workflows and philosophies
  • Ideas for the future in an interdepartmental, collaborative environment
  • Workshops demonstrating hard skills
  • Practical problem-solving and skill sharing
  • Ideas informed by diverse and critical perspectives
  • Innovation and practices from non-library fields
  • Approaches for cross-departmental collaboration and empowerment at work
  • Helping the local academic library community connect and re-connect

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