Save the date for TCAL 2021!

Pivoting in Times of Crisis

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Towson Conference for Academic Libraries will again be virtual!


Please take a few minutes to provide feedback on your conference experience with our survey. Thank you for joining us for TCAL 2021!

This low-cost, one-day conference is for all academic library workers and MLIS students. We welcome proposals and attendees from all job levels and all departments.

This year’s theme is “Pivoting in Times of Crisis.” This year, we are looking forward to exploring how the past year working through a pandemic has impacted us and our work. What challenges did we face and how did we overcome them (or not)? What new ways of providing our resources and services can, or should, we continue post-pandemic? What opportunities are there for continued revision of workflows, or completely new offerings we can offer as academic libraries? What self-reflection did you do about why you entered the library profession? We are equally interested in hearing about your big ideas and your glorious failures, which we can all learn from. We will look forward to session proposals that explore this theme from such perspectives as:

  • Fresh ideas and innovative perspectives for the 21st century and/or the post-pandemic library
  • Tales of successful and/or not successful projects
  • Personal reflections on a career in librarianship and/or balancing your personal and professional lives
  • Experiences working with new technology
  • Challenges to established workflows and philosophies
  • Ideas for the future in an interdepartmental, collaborative environment
  • Workshops demonstrating hard skills
  • Practical problem-solving and skill sharing
  • Ideas informed by diverse and critical perspectives
  • Innovation and practices from non-library fields
  • Strategies for cross-departmental collaboration and empowerment at work
  • Helping the local academic library community connect and re-connect

Look forward to calls for proposals and more details in the coming weeks. Please pass this message to anyone who might be interested.

Questions may be directed to

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