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Conference Introductions and Welcoming Remarks (16 minutes)

Virtual Sessions

Building reciprocal relationships with teaching faculty to create an empowering classroom (34 minutes)

Developing library programming for non-departmental student programs (47 minutes)

“Finals Fairy in Quarantine:” Doing Outreach During a Pandemic (40 minutes)

Help Me Help You: Empowering Students to Request Research Assistance Effectively (54 minutes)

Library IT in a time of COVID: what has gone well and what we can learn for next time (55 minutes)

The myth of neutrality: Decentering whiteness in the writing center and library (54 minutes)

One Step at a Time: Assessing E-Resources for Accessibility Compliance (47 minutes)

Planning an Entry Sequence with Service Design (22 minutes)

Providing an Environment for Authentic Learning Experiences by Serving as “Client” for Computer Science Capstone Projects (40 minutes)

Recognizing Potential and Pitfalls: What We Learned Implementing a Student Run Information Desk (24 minutes)

Serving Transgender Needs in Academic Libraries (46 minutes)

The Studio is Closed: Refocusing Art & Archival Collaboration in Response to Pandemic (34 minutes)

Supervising Student Assistants During COVID-19 (44 minutes)

What library technology interactions do students want from us today? (41 minutes)

You Didn’t Learn This in Library School: Closing Knowledge Gaps in Library Management and Teaching (35 minutes)


TCAL Talks

Aim to Frame: Taking a Deeper Dive into the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy (7 minutes)

Assessing Textbook Collections (5 minutes)

Chronicling America and the Historic Maryland Newspapers Project (10 minutes)

Engagement, Motivation, and Collaboration through a Summer Reading Challenge (6 minutes)

Outreach from the Inside: Connecting Engineering Graduate Students to their Academic Library (7 minutes)

“Yes, And” – Enthusiastic Collaboration and Your Library (4 minutes)


Virtual Posters

Building a Culture of Research and Innovative Practice through the LRIPF

The Effects of Leadership Behavior and Organizational Culture on Library Employee Engagement: The Mediating Role of Communication Climate

The Joy of Shining a Light on Others: Collaborative Guest Lecture Series

Open for Business: UMGC Library’s Online Response to COVID-19

Using the Magic of LibWizard(ry) to Create Research Appointment Best Practices


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