Glazer, Kelsey

Getting ready to look at the empty space between the galaxies with Towson’s 0.4m telescope (2017)

Semesters:  Summer and Fall 2017


Light deflection during the 2017 solar eclipse

  • co-author on paper “Solar Eclipses as a Teaching Opportunity in Relativity,” The Physics Educator Vol. 02, No. 02, 2050010 (2020)
  • poster presentation at PhysCon (Providence, RI, November 2019)
  • co-author on poster presentation at 231st meeting of the American Astronomical Society (Washington DC, January 2018)
  • public outreach lecture at Space Telescope Science Institute (Johns Hopkins University, December 2017); watch here (beginning at 17:45)
  • supported by a research grant from the Maryland Space Grant Consortium (summer 2017)

Olbers’ paradox and the age of the Universe