Glazer, Kelsey

Getting ready to look at the empty space between the galaxies with Towson’s 0.4m telescope (2017)
  • BREAKING NEWS! Kelsey has been accepted as a graduate student in physics at the University of California, Davis (fall 2020)
  • internship with the Russell B. Makidon Optics Laboratory, Space Telescope Science Institute (2020)
  • graduated with a BSc in physics (winter 2019)
  • internship at the Space Telescope Science Institute (summer 2019)
  • REU in astronomical research and instrumentation at Texas A&M University (summer 2018 — see poster here!)
  • Ernest E. Wooden Scholarship (2017-18 academic year)

Semesters:  Summer and Fall 2017


Light deflection during the 2017 solar eclipse

Olbers’ paradox and the age of the Universe