Ali, Hamna

Hamna (left) and Rachael Huxford (right) with world-famous astronomer Jocelyn Bell Burnell at PhysCon 2016 in San Francisco
Hamna (left) and Rachael Huxford (right) meeting one of their scientific heroes, Director Emerita of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Persis Drell (at PhysCon 2016 in San Francisco)
  • graduate student in physics, affiliated member of the IUCSS, and member of the Accelerator Neutrino Group, Indiana University (Fall 2019)
  • invited participant, Third IUCSS Summer School and Workshop on the
    Lorentz- and CPT-violating Standard-Model Extension (June 2018)
  • Summer research position at IUCSS, the Indiana University Center for Spacetime Symmetries (2017). See news story!
  • Edward I. Rubendall Physics Achievement Award for Outstanding Junior (2017)

Semesters: Spring 2016


Extra dimensions and violations of Lorentz symmetry