2018 Edition

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Financing Baltimore’s Growth – Measuring Small Companies’ Access to Capital

Baltimore has the potential to be a city that is truly hospitable to small business growth, with all the economic benefits of jobs and tax revenue such growth would bring. But for new and established small businesses to thrive, the city needs a financing system with capacity to meet their needs.


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Regulatory Compliance Cost for Small Maryland Banks

In Maryland, banks’ behavior have noticeably changed since the implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act. And community banks are suffering the most.


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Why are Technology Companies  So Difficult to Invest In?

Technology companies are one of the most challenging industry sectors of the economy in which to invest. The risk of failure is above average. How do we identify public companies that will offer innovations that not only will gain acceptance but will become essential to daily life?


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Maryland IPOs: High Tech in the Hub

Maryland, with its location advantage, has been making good use of IPOs in funding its rapid economic growth, especially its growth in the high tech area.


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The Fintech Transformation

The latest disruptive innovation is taking  aim at huge institutions that deliver financial services to individuals and businesses today. According to consulting firm KPMG, close to $13 billion was invested in U.S.-based fintech companies in 2016.


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Disasters Strike — Ready or Not?

With the frequency and cost of storms rising, business owners should be developing plans, building on the existing efforts to protect and preserve life and property in Maryland.


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Importance of Knowing the Value of Your Trade Secret

Businesses in the United States have a trade secret problem. Senior executives say their business’ trade secrets are an important and/or essential part of their business, but the majority do not know if their secrests have been stolen nor have action plans in place to respond to theft.


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Entrepreneurship Education: A Summary of Meta-Analytic Findings and Their Applications at Towson University

In pursuit of transforming students into entrepreneurs, one faculty member is examining the relationships between entrepreneurial intentions, culture, academic programs and more.


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Can Towson Students Beat the Market? Evidence from a TU Survey Portfolio

Each year, the Towson University Investment Group surveys students on campus and compiles a $100,000 portfolio. Can the average TU student beat the market?