Message from the President

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Zachary Reichenbach

The past year has been challenging to say the least and we have experienced things during the last year that are unprecedented. On behalf of myself and the rest of the board members of CFA Society Baltimore, I hope your families are safe and well during these times.

The CFA Society Baltimore was not immune from the affects of the COVID-19 pandemic and we had to change our business model on the fly, as many other businesses were forced to do the same. We shifted our focus from our traditional programming events at the Center Club, to virtual events and explored different types of content to connect and engage our membership.

Despite all the change in the past year, we still have been able to produce this year’s Baltimore Business Review. This is the twelfth edition of the Baltimore Business Review and we are extremely proud of this publication. This year’s Baltimore Business Review represents an ongoing partnership between the business and academic communities in Baltimore. CFA Society Baltimore is incredibly fortunate to have a great partnership with the Towson College of Business and Economics to make this world-class publication possible, despite everything going in the world right now.

This publication would not be possible with the help and support of our publication team. I want to thank the editor staff of Susan Weiner, and Lijing Du and Rachel Gordon from Towson University. I want to also thank the many contributors to this year’s edition and to Rick Pallansch and Chris Komisar from the Towson University Creative Services team. Your time and efforts are incredibly valuable.

The CFA Society Baltimore originated in 1948 and currently serves over 750 members today. In a joint effort, the CFA Society Baltimore and its parent company, the CFA Institute, work to promote and advocate the principles of the CFA program. The society proudly leads the investment community and other finance related communities by promoting the highest standard of ethics, education, and professional excellence for the benefits of the entire community. In this publication, you can see the list of the top ten employers of our society’s members.

During the past year, the CFA Society Baltimore has worked with Baltimore leaders to expand our efforts in diversity and inclusion in the investment management profession. We have, and will continue to listen to business and community leaders to learn the challenges of diversity and inclusion in the investment management industry in Baltimore. The leaders of the CFA Society Baltimore recognize that we are in a unique position in that we are a conduit between the investment management profession, academic institutions, and community organizations. We have set forth a plan and have put our time, effort and resources in making sure our goals and objectives are met with respect to diversity and inclusion.

I hope you enjoy this publication and find its content engaging and enriching. As always, we welcome your feedback and insights. To learn more about how CFA Society Baltimore can help support your career and professional network, please visit our website or find us on social media.

Zachary Reichenbach
Zachary C. Reichenbach, CFA, CPA/ABV/CFF
President, CFA Society Baltimore