2019 Edition

the scales of justice and money

A Beginner’s Guide to Navigating Through Lost Profits in Corporate Litigation

We live in a highly litigious business environment. For those of you who have been involved in a business litigation matter know that the litigation process can be time consuming and very expensive. Litigation cases can take years to resolve and in the process, attorneys and other professionals may incur thousands of hours to litigate the case.


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Understanding the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act for Maryland Lower-Income Families

On December 22, 2017, Congress passed, and the President signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). The TCJA is one of the largest tax cuts in the U.S. history. A recent study by the Tax Foundation estimates that, on a conventional basis, TCJA will reduce federal revenues by about 638 billion over the next decade.


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When to Sell? How Should You Protect Yourself from the Risk of Falling Values?

The U.S. equity markets have posted positive returns in each of the past nine calendar years. This is only the second time over the past century that equities have posted gains for nine consecutive years.


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The Startup Ecosystem in Maryland

Maryland is a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship possessing a large ecosystem of STEM professionals, a high density of technology companies, and significant research and development spending per capita. In this article, we first describe the thriving startup sectors in Maryland, and expand the discussion to higher education institutions. Then, we summarize the implication of venture financing in the last section.


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The Status of Women in Management

Women have made enormous strides in the work place over the past three decades. Moreover, empirical data shows that the entrance of women into management has had a significant positive on the bottom line of firms. This BBR article outlines their impact.


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Determinants of College Student Consumption in Maryland

Have you ever wondered why you bought that ugly Christmas sweater or why your sister grocery shops online? These were the types of questions that motivated our research on the determinants of college student consumption.


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The New Tax Law and the Effect on Values for Privately Owned Businesses

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) has had several direct effects on valuations of privately owned businesses. This article will explore the TCJA’s effects on valuations of privately owned C Corporations and the ways business appraisers are modifying components of two of the common valuation methods — the income approach and the market approach — to account for these changes.


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Protecting Maryland’s Voting Processes

The integrity of U.S. voting systems as last reformed by the Help America Vote Act of 2002 was not challenged until the 2016 Presidential election, when the Department of Homeland Security admitted that the voting systems from 21 states, including Maryland, were targets of attacks. What can local jurisdictions do to audit and bolster their systems?


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How Towson University Students Would Invest $100,000

The Towson University Investment Group (TUIG) conducted a research survey that asked participating students what five stocks they would invest in if they had $100,000. We then created two hypothetical portfolios based on the top 50 stock votes.