Student Supervision

In my years at TU, I have supervised Master’s projects in our APIM graduate program, individual research by undegraduates, and AML student teams. I have also served as a co-advisor (jointly with Jianya Liu) to two Ph.D. students at Shandong University in Jinan, China.

  • Ph.D. Theses:
    • Huafeng Liu (Shandong University, 2017): On the Waring–Goldbach Problem with Almost Equal Summands, external co-advisor jointly with J.Y. Liu.
    • Taiyu Li (Shandong University, 2012): Additive Problems with Prime Numbers, external co-advisor jointly with J.Y. Liu.
  • Master’s Projects:
    • Felipe Pizarro (Towson University, 2014): A Large-Scale Scheduling Problem Subject to Multiple Constraint Classes
    • Amanda Williams (Towson University, 2012): Comparison Between AKS and Other Primality Tests
    • Kelly Nulph (Towson University, 2009): An Attack on a Modified KMOV Cryptosystem
  • Undergraduate Research Projects:
    • REU Group (Towson University, Summer 2022): Gaps Between Powerfree Integers. Jointly with Dr. N. McNew, we supervised a group of four students: W. McCormick (UC Berkeley), A. Park (MIT), R. Scherr (TU), and S. Ziehr (U Minnesota).
    • AML Team (Towson University, 2012/2013): Mathematical Modeling of Segregation Patterns in Urban Areas. Jointly with Dr. M. Pemy, we supervised a team of seven students.
    • AML Team (Towson University, 2010/2011): Risk Analysis: Toxic Materials Transportation Security. Jointly with Dr. A.S. Kolesnikov, we supervised a team of three students.
    • Matthew Tiger (Towson University, 2009/2010): Infinite Series.