Towson Number Theory Seminar

The Baltimore Number Theory Seminar has existed since the fall of 2015. The current core group consists of Vefa Goksel, Angel Kumchev, and Nathan McNew; other colleagues have also expressed interest in joining us in the future. For the time being, we are planning to meet at 5 pm on Thursdays in YR 306. If you are interested in giving a talk or joining us as a permanent member, feel free to contact Angel or Nathan.

Below is the list of talks from the recent past.


Sept. 29 Misiurewicz polynomials and dynamical units
(Vefa Goksel, Towson)
Oct. 20 Small fractional parts of real quadratic forms
(Angel Kumchev, Towson)
Oct. 27 Introduction to Arithmetic Dynamics
(Vefa Goksel + BNT, Towson)
Nov. 3, 9, 16 Introduction to Arithmetic Dynamics
(Vefa Goksel + BNT, Towson)


Nov. 6 On a dense universal Hilbert set* **
(Michael Filaseta, S. Carolina)
Nov. 20 Special values of L-functions with periodic coefficients**
(Siddhi Pathak, Penn State)
Apr. 23 Sums of squares of the k-nacci numbers
(Russell Hendel, Towson)
May 7 Studying graphs associated with groups* **
(Mark Lewis, Kent State)
May 14 Recent results in discrete harmonic analysis*
(Angel Kumchev, Towson)
May 28 Asymptotics of restricted partition functions**
(Ayla Gafni, Mississippi)
July 16 Bohr sets in Diophantine approximation**
(Sam Chow, Warwick)

* Mathematics Colloquium talk
**Virtual talk


Sept. 6 Enumerations of restricted Dumont permutations
(Opel Jones, Towson)
Sept. 20 Counting pattern-avoiding integer partitions
(Nathan McNew, Towson)
Oct. 4 Patterns in permutations*
(Alexander Burstein, Howard University)
Oct. 18 Unimodal permutations and characters of the symmetric group*
(Kassie Archer, UT-Tyler)
Nov. 8 Sums of powers of primes: The Waring-Goldbach problem and its variants
(Angel Kumchev, Towson)
Feb. 14 Newton polygons and irreducibility in \(\mathbb Q[x]\)
(Angel Kumchev, Towson)
Feb. 28 Recursive triangles embedded in recursive families
(Russell Hendel, Towson)
Mar. 6 Factoring RSA230, 49598666989151226098104244512918, and broader trends in cryptography*
(Samuel Gross, Noblis Inc.)
Apr. 17 Non-standard dice games: Multiset combinatorics and cyclotomic polynomials**
(Timothy Clark, Loyola-MD)
May 1 Ideals and congruences for the natural numbers**
(Keith Pardue)
May 8 Fun with Dyck and Jim**
(Jonathan Farley, Morgan State)
May 22 Lattice point distributions: Encounters with analysis and number theory**
(Tess Anderson, Purdue)
June 12 Discrete restriction estimates**
(Kevin Hughes, Bristol)
June 19 Recursive triangles embedded in recursive families, II**
(Russell Hendel, Towson)
July 3 Diameter free estimates for Vinogradov systems**
(Akshat Mudgal, Purdue)
July 10 The irreducibility criteria of polynomials with non-negative coefficients and prime values**
(Jacob Juillerat, South Carolina)
July 31 Flip graphs**
(Sebastian Cioaba, Delaware)

* Mathematics Colloquium talk
**Virtual talk


Apr. 8 The reciprocal sum of primitive nondeficient numbers
(Jared Lichtman, Cambridge University)


Oct. 13 Sums of powers of almost equal primes
(Angel Kumchev, Towson)
Oct. 20 Sums of powers of almost equal primes, II
(Angel Kumchev, Towson)
Nov. 17 Shifted sums for sums and progressions of squares
(Thomas Hulse, Morgan State)
Feb. 8 Zeros of partial sums of L-functions
(Arindam Roy, Rice University)
Feb. 22 Odd zeta values, I
Mar. 1 Odd zeta values, II
Apr. 19 A shifted sum for the congruent number problem
(Thomas Hulse, Morgan State)