About Me

My mathematical research is focused primarily on the distribution of prime numbers and on additive prime number theory (i.e., problems of the Waring-Goldbach type). Indeed, all but a handful of my 40+ research papers fall in at least one of those categories, and many belong to both. I have also done work on exponential sums and their applications to various questions in analytic number theory and on the occasional odd problem in other areas of mathematics (analysis, algebra) that leads to questions of number theoretic nature. You can find more details under Research.

My teaching at Towson stretches from lower-level college mathematics (e.g., calculus and linear algebra), through upper-level mathematics courses, to applied mathematics courses in our APIM graduate program. In the past, I have been involved in revisions of our Calculus III course and our senior seminar and in the maintenance of the Mathematica labs for the calculus sequence at TU. Presently, I am part of the efforts to revise our “transition-to-proofs” course and to coordinate our calculus sequence.

Through my work for TU’s Applied Mathematics Laboratory (AML), I have also been part of the departmental efforts to engage students in undergraduate research in mathematics. The AML recruits teams of undergraduate students to work, under the direction of faculty members, on applied research projects sponsored by local companies or government agencies. I have served as faculty supervisor of two such teams (2010-2011 and 2012-2013) as well as the Lab’s director for five years (2013-2018).