Tk20 by Watermark

What Is Tk20?

TU’s College of Education uses Tk20 by Watermark as a comprehensive online data management system for all activities in programs leading to certification for teachers or other school personnel. Teacher candidates enrolled in certification program coursework are required to use Tk20 by Watermark upon acceptance into the program.

The system enables teacher candidates to participate in and manage their academic activities throughout their professional program. Teacher candidates will be able to:

  • Monitor their own progress in the program.
  • Create and submit key assignments online.
  • Conduct online evaluations involving field mentors/supervisors.
  • Create electronic portfolios documenting course work and/or for job interviews.
  • Keep records of field experience work and experience with student teaching/clinical practice (field assignments, field experiences, and internships).
  • Submit forms online, including applications for internship and other field experiences.

Students will be charged a Watermark Fee upon admission to the program.

*Note: Tk20 recommends use of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

How Do I Use Tk20?

The following pages include frequently asked questions as well as tutorials and guides for completing tasks in Tk20.

Guides for Students

Guides for Faculty

Guides for Mentors

Who Can Answer My Tk20 Question?

For questions, please contact the Towson Tk20 unit administrator.
Phone 410.704.3360