Welcome to Tk20!

Please find below some important notes to remember:

  • Mentors receive an email generated by Tk20 when a field experience binder is uploaded for their intern.  NOTE:  Mentors should copy and paste the SECOND URL link contained in the email to access Tk20. DO NOT CLICK ON EITHER LINK IN THE EMAIL!
  • Some school internet security deletes staff emails on a periodic basis.  It is best practice to save the link to Tk20 by either bookmarking the second URL link in your browser OR save the email to your desktop so that you have access to the link throughout the intern’s rotation.
  • Please make sure you only have Tk20 open in one browser. Opening it in multiple browsers or even multiple tabs within the same browser can result in the loss of data.
  • Recommended browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.  Internet Explorer is not compatible with Tk20.
  • Please be sure to save your work regularly using the save button at the bottom of each page, otherwise information may be lost.
  • Please do not use the back button in the web browser as information may be lost.  Use the back button within the Tk20 platform.
  • Always sign out of Tk20 when finished.  Do not simply close the browser.  Click at the top right of your page where it indicates Hi, “name”  A sign out menu item will drop down.  Select it to end your Tk20 session.

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