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Recent publications:

Wang C, Turner K, Wentz E, Zhao Q, Myint S (2021)
Optimization of residential green space for environmental sustainability and property appreciation in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona
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Wang C, Solis P, Villa L, Khare N, Wentz E, Gettel A (2021)
Spatial Modeling and Analysis of Heat-Related Morbidity in Maricopa County, Arizona
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Phillips L, Solis P, Wang C, Verfalameyeva K, Burnett J (2021)
Engaged Convergence Research: An Exploratory Approach to Heat Resilience in Mobile Homes
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Myint S, Aggarwal R, Zheng B, Wentz E, Holway J, Fan C, Selover N, Wang C, Fischer H (2021)
Adaptive Crop Management under Climate Uncertainty: Changing the Game for Sustainable Water Use
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Wagner M, Doe R, Wang C, Rasmussen E, Coniglio M, Elmore K, Balling Jr. R, Cerveny R (2021)
High-Resolution Observations of Microscale Influences on a Tornado Track Using Unpiloted Aerial Systems (UAS)
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