Spring 2021

With recent periods of civil unrest, mass suppression of personal freedoms, and rising anti-EU/anti-Western sentiments throughout Eastern Europe, the significance of Turkey’s recent alignment with Russia cannot be overstated. A legitimate challenge to Western dominance may come in the form of an “Eastern bloc” comprising authoritarian states that have been shunned by the West.

International Injustice: Investigating Marginalized Communities

Muslim rights in France, women’s rights in Japan, and the LGBTQ+ Panic Defense in multiple countries are all examples of how the world needs to constantly address social injustices, as well as how to properly deal with the consequences that result from religious, gender, and LGBTQ+ discrimination. We discuss these situations as well as the circumstances in which they arose.

The study of modern great power politics centers around China’s rise. It has been expanding its military, economic and diplomatic power. China’s growing international influence warns of a challenge to contemporary global leadership. We analyze this challenge through current events and foreign economic policy, aiming to provide insight regarding the future.

Developing Countries in 2020: How Government Regulations Shaped Crises

Over the course of 2020, the relationship between governments and their citizens within developing countries demonstrates the ramifications of legislation. By analyzing the pandemic response of India and Ghana and the resulting socioeconomic upheaval, the power that developing governments have on the livelihoods of their citizens becomes more evident.