Over the course of 2020, the relationship between governments and their citizens within developing countries demonstrates the ramifications of legislation. By analyzing the pandemic response of India and Ghana and the resulting socioeconomic upheaval, the power that developing governments have on the livelihoods of their citizens becomes more evident.

Ghana in a Health Crisis: Striking a Balance between Saving Lives and Preserving Livelihoods

By Amanda Chiei

Ghana’s actions exemplify the impact of pandemic related regulations within developing countries in light of underdeveloped health systems. Through differing levels of government regulations, the government of Ghana had to find a balance between saving lives and preserving livelihood. Lockdowns and other regulations direly affect underdeveloped economies, causing developing nations such as Ghana to implement pandemic related policies accordingly. 

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India’s Mental Health Epidemic: Escalating Amidst the Pandemic

By Amanda Ryan

During the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health across the globe has declined and many developing countries are failing to effectively respond. If mental health needs are continuously unfulfilled, numerous short and long-term consequences will arise that will threaten the livelihood of society. By analyzing the psychological deterioration of citizens in India during the pandemic, as well as their government’s inadequate response, the underbelly of this mental health epidemic can be recognized as a critical issue that is in dire need of a solution.

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The Indian Farmers’ Protests: From Local Strikes to a Worldwide Movement

By Eric Ports

The Indian Farmer’s Protests provide an example of the disharmony between the citizens of developing countries and their government caused by the economic turbulence of 2020. Although the roots of the issue are decades-old, new legislation passed late last year built upon the hardships farmers faced during the pandemic and created one of the largest protest movements in human history. This situation has led to an immense wave of unrest as this segment of the population loses faith in their government. 

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