Muslim rights in France, women’s rights in Japan, and the Gay Panic Defense in multiple countries are all examples of how the world needs to constantly address social injustices, as well as how to properly deal with the consequences that result from religious, gender, and LGBTQ+ discrimination. We discuss these situations as well as the circumstances in which they arose.

A Seemingly Developed Nation: Women’s Rights in Japan

by Morgan Waters

Japan is considered to be an advanced country when it comes to technological advancements; yet, women as a whole general suffer economically and socially. They are underrepresented in various industries and certain rights are not afforded to them in the same capacity as men. Morgan Waters’ blog will focus on the issues that Japan has still not addressed when it comes to more equal rights for women, as better equality could elevate the country even further.

French President Emmanuel Macron was hailed as the savior of liberal democracy after defeating Marine Le Pen in the 2017 French presidential election. Now, four years later, Macron’s hero status has been revoked due to his recent Islamophobic and quasi-autocratic initiatives. Macron has introduced a new bill designed to increase government oversight of religious minorities, specifically Muslims.  

LGBTQ+ Panic Defense

by Darius White

LGBTQ+ Flag with Black Power Solidarity Fists in Front

The LGBTQ+ panic defense is a legal defense strategy used to mitigate the sentence of someone accused of murder or a hate crime. It is used to partially excuse the actions of the accused on account of them being overcome by “panic” after finding out a person’s gender identity or a non-violent homosexual advance. Five cases from five countries will be examined in a memoriam to these victims of hate based murders.