A Multinational Overview of the LGBTQ+ Panic Defense in Remembrance to Its Victims


Darius White

Abstract: The LGBTQ+ panic defense is a legal defense strategy used to mitigate the sentence of someone accused of murder or a hate crime. It is used to partially excuse the actions of the accused on account of them being overcome by “panic” after finding out a person’s gender identity or a non-violent homosexual advance. Five cases from five countries will be examined in a memoriam to these victims of hate based murders.

Keywords: Social Justice,  LGBTQ+ Rights, Homophobia, Law, New Zealand, Australia, Philippines, U.S., Jamaica, Women, American Politics

About the Author: Darius White is pursuing a B.S. in Political Science and Geography and Environmental Planning with a minor in Geographic Information Systems from Towson University. He transferred from the College of Southern Maryland with an A.A. in Liberal Arts and Sciences. He served as a staff member of The Towson Journal of International Affairs.

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