Dimensions of Power: The Effects of China’s Growing Economic Influence on the Contemporary Global Landscape

Volume LIV – Number 2

Kenny Dustin

Abstract: As a result of changing geopolitical circumstances, China is increasingly threatening U.S. hegemony in the global order. Facets of these changes have manifested themselves through economic initiatives, which in turn provide geopolitical influence. To contextualize the difference between China and the United States’ respective policy, I analyze their actions, as well as the power afforded to each. Furthermore, through the lens of regime type, I draw conclusions regarding how each nation was able or failed to accomplish certain initiatives, how China may continue to expand, and how the United States or other Western nations may counter this growth.
KeywordsEconomics, Sino-American, China, United States, Foreign Policy, Trade, Geopolitics
About the Author:  Kenny Dustin is a student at Towson University and a member of the Towson University Journal of International Affairs. He is earning a B.A in both Political Science and Mass Communications. He aspires to enroll in graduate school upon graduation in May 2021.
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