Shifting Away from the West: Erdogan’s Post-Coup Attempt Response


Hannah Warner

Abstract: The 2016 coup attempt presented an opportunity to Erdogan to increase the power of the presidential position, while promoting pre-existing anti-West sentiments. Through the implementation of a state of emergency and constitutional revisions, Erdogan has cracked down on dissent. While continually committing major human rights atrocities against the Turkish population, Erdogan has retained his conservative support base through his polarizing strongman attitude. In speech, Erdogan champions democracy, however, according to his actions he is running an authoritarian regime.

Keywords: Turkey, Middle East, Social Justice, U.S.-Turkey Relations

About the Author: Hannah Warner is a graduating senior majoring in International Studies with a minor in Spanish. This is her third semester on the Towson University Journal of International Affairs with the Associate Editor-in-Chief team.

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