Exclusive Poetry Feature: “Between Sternum and Stomach” by Leah Bushman

Between          Sternum   and                     S    tom        ach

David did you hear me when I told you?      I whispered to your ancestors.             They caught

a salmon sailing           and gathered ‘round the table. They ate until delusion. Salmon came to

tell me good folk bred a fairly           common one in you.                       One two, one two,   you

caught me as I was falling. I cannot remember my calling,                but David did you hear me

whispering?          I’ve been pleading with salmon,          get back into the mouths and let them

swallow you down.       Salmon sweetly said, Darlin’ you might as well be the one who’s dead.              

And I can’t remember my calling, but I know I had mistaken it for you. 


Leah Bushman is a nature gazer and animal lover who rarely takes life seriously. This is her first publication. A Towson University graduate with a B.S. in English, she can be found on social media at @leahbushman.

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