About Grub Street

Grub Street Literary Magazine is Towson University’s award-winning literary journal, run entirely by undergraduate students enrolled in “Editing the Literary Magazine”, an English upper elective class. Grub Street upholds the notion that there is great power in diversity and seeks to feature poetry, nonfiction, fiction, and visual art that provokes conversation, asks big questions, and accurately represents Towson University’s appreciation for innovation, opportunity, and creativity. 

The editorial team is currently seeking dynamic submissions in any of the following categories or beyond:

  • Poetry, including but not limited to:
    • Experimental form and subject matter
    • Free and structured verse 
    • Spoken word video readings 
  • Fiction, including but not limited to:
    • Excerpts from unpublished works
    • Experimental form or subject matter
    • Flash fiction (1000 words or less)
  • Nonfiction, including but not limited to:
    • Memoir 
    • Lyric essays
    • Flash essays (1000 words or less)
    • Video essays
  • Graphic Arts, including but not limited to:
    • Graphic fiction and nonfiction excerpts
    • Digital art
    • Short films and creative video

Please do not limit yourself to the list here but create expansively and genuinely. All work will be considered for both online and print editions. Online work will be posted on a rolling basis. All electronic and multimedia work will be considered for online content. Please see submission guidelines for more information.

We look forward to reading, viewing, and enjoying your work.

Grub Street Editorial Team, 2021 – 2022

Editors’ Statement: To have the time, physical accommodation, social infrastructure, emotional energy, and support to write can be a privilege that many people do not have access to. In addition, the standards of English writing are rooted in the study of a racist, sexist, ableist, and otherwise exploitative English literary canon that centers white, cis-gender, heterosexual male voices. In our mission to challenge mainstream narratives, we encourage people from underrepresented voices — including Black, Indigenous, Latinx, differently-abled, neurodiverse, lesbian, gay, queer, asexual, intersex, trans, and gender-nonconforming— to submit their creative work. Our staff is committed to supporting underrepresented writers and artists in the development of their work and will work with submitters personally to help them realize their creative goals.

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