Art Feature: “Three Keys” by Isabelle Bartolomeo

Isabelle Bartolomeo graduated from Towson University in December of 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in illustration. She likes to study the intricacies of nature in various ways, whether it be through traditional mediums, digital art, or photography. Her previous work “Exhaustion” was published in Grub Street, vol.68. You can find her work on instagram and on her website

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Art Feature: “Arby’s”, “Believe”, “Number 5”, “Italian Valve” by Gillian Collins



Gillian Collins earned her MFA at Towson University in 2019. As a co-owner of residential plumbing and HVAC service companies, her association with these trades artistically inspires Collins. By divorcing the form from the function of mechanical components, she compels the viewer to contemplate the “seen but the unseen” of our engineering feats.