Grading in Groups – Known Issue


When Instructor is grading Group Discussion Boards, they notice students have active grade cells in groups they are not part of.  This is currently a known issue and is being worked on.  A release date is not available at this time.



  1. Go to Control Panel-Users and Groups-Groups.
  2. Hover over the group you want to fix and click the menu item and select Edit
  3. When the window opens just Click Submit (no need to make any changes here)

Now go into the Group DB of the group you just edited and verify that (not a member of this group) no longer shows up in the grade view of the forum. You should also see that the actual members of the group are listed as “participating” and can be graded. This will fix all of the forums for that group and will need to be repeated for all other groups. If another forum is copied after this workaround is applied it will need to be applied again.

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