SaaS Monthly Updates

Blackboard SaaS will be updated on the first Thursday of each month, unless otherwise stated. Check back here for new features and updates.

January, 6, 2022

  • When first using a third party tool through Assist, users will be shown and need to accept a disclaimer before proceeding.
  • Blackboard Assist now has the option to use Ally File Transformer. This allows all users to transform any document into alternative, accessible formats.
  • Blackboard Annotate now allows instructors to save preferences for pen or stamp settings when grading submissions.

December 2, 2021

  • A patch was added for student group submissions. Previously, when groups tried to submit an assignment, they would receive an error message stating “Failed to submit”, but it would submit after refreshing the page. This has now been resolved.
  • Special characters in course names no longer cause the email function of that course to break.

November 4, 2021

  • A patch was added to resolve an issue with module pages. Previously, if a course had a module page, 25-50% of the modules would not load their content. This has been resolved.

Previous Updates

Tentative Future Updates

Blackboard Inc. has released the following dates for updates to Blackboard. Please note that Towson University has no control over these dates and that they are subject to change.

February 3, 2022
March 3, 2022
April 7, 2022
May 5, 2022
June 2, 2022
July 7, 2022
August 4, 2022
September 1, 2022
October 6, 2022
November 3, 2022
December 1, 2022
January 5, 2023
February 2, 2023

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