Integration Requests

All Blackboard Integration requests can take up to 6 months to process. Integrations should be requested at least one semester before they are needed.

Please complete a TechHelp Service Request by visiting and selecting Employee > Blackboard > System Development Request. Include the answers to the following questions, or the contact information for the company.

  1. Has a contract been signed and how long the contract is for?  We need to know when it ends so the integration can be removed from Blackboard.
  2. Vendor contact information.
  3. Is the vendor a registered Blackboard Developer and/or an IMS Certified Tool Provider?
  4. A copy of the vendor’s VPAT.
  5. A copy of the vendor’s SOC 2 report or other security auditing report.
  6. Does the vendor have a testing environment which we can use to test the integration against our testing environment?
  7. Credentials information that will be used for the integration.
  8. Documentation for their LTI setup in our Blackboard Environment.
  9. Who will be support contact for the students and faculty using this software?  Towson Blackboard Administrators will only support the integration, and not the software.  This support information will be posted as a document on our Blackboard resource page.
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