“Students who agitate”: The Evolution of Student Activism at TU

Protesters gathered outside Linthicum Hall listening to speaker in 1970 alongside photo of students supporting BLM in 2020

The November 17, 1961 edition of the Tower Light  included a letter to the editor written by a student named Bettina V. Monroe. This letter, entitled “Agitation Necessary Before Integration,” outlines Monroe’s assessment of social agitation and its ability to bring about legislative reform during the civil rights movement. In her writing, Monroe argued that

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Fight on Towson Tigers: Establishing the Marching Band at Towson State University

The history page of the Towson University Marching Band (TUMB) begins “In 1979, Dr. Marchand, the Towson State Music Department, and the Towson State administration brought Mr. Robert Doster to Towson State to create a marching band.” Prior to establishing the band that would become known as TUMB, the school often hired high school bands

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