International Business Videos

These Panopto videos refer to the textbook, International Business: A Managerial Perspective, 8th Edition, by R. W. Griffin and M. W. Pustay, Pearson. To view a video, point to the link with your mouse, click the right-mouse button, and select “open link in new tab.”

1. Overview of international business

2. Global marketplace

3. Legal environment

4. Technology and accounting

5. Culture: Characteristics, elements, and religion

6. Cultural clusters, context, and dimensions

7. Social responsibility and ethical behavior

8. Mercantilism and advantage

9. Relative factor endowments and firm-based theories

10. New trade, national competitive advantage, and direct investments

11. History of the monetary system

12. After Bretton Woods

13. Balance of payments

14. Foreign exchange

15. Speculation and arbitrage

16. Financial markets

17. Free trade and fair trade

18. Trade policies and barriers

19. GATT and WTO