Volume XXXIII- Number 2

Front Matter (p. I-III)


The Geopolitical Reordering of Eurasia: The Gateway States (p. 1-7)

William James Smith, Jr.


The United States’ Intervention in Somalia (p. 8-14)

Judd Handler


How Did Nazi Germany’s Economic Policies Lead To Its Defeat? (p. 15-18)

Regina Sztajer


The European Union as an International Actor: Problems and Prospects (p. 19-23)

Jennifer Moroney


The Korean Economy: New Challenges After Thirty Years of Success (p. 24-28)

Woong-Bae Rha, Ph.D.


Review of Books

The Troubles (p. 29-30)

Ulick O’Connor


Selected Bibliography (p. 31-33)


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