Volume XI- Number 2

Irvin Becker 

Abstract: Nepal and the People’s Republic of China began to develop an alliance during the 1960’s. This can be attributed to the ongoing tensions between both China and Nepal’s neighbor, India, and its growing power. The partnership emerged from Nepal’s fear of India’s imperialism, and it allowed them to remain neutral in the Asian Cold War. At the end of the decade relations began to shift again with Nepal increasing its partnership with India. This switch is attributed to China overplaying its political hand, when in the late 1960’s it supported the assassination attempt of King Mahendra of Nepal. As a result of this action, Nepal distanced itself from the People’s Republic of China, and established close diplomatic ties with India. Due to the geographical location of Nepal, it has been able to benefit from the current war between its neighbors. Nepal has become the beneficiary of this arrangement with both countries trying to out favor the other. China and India have been able to influence the foreign policy of Nepal throughout the decade of the 1960’s.

Key Words: People’s Republic of China, India, Nepal, Imperialism, Trade War

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