Volume XI – Number 2

Front Matter (p. i-viii)


Human Rights Idealism, International Political Realism, and Human Society (p. 57-69)
Abolmajd Hojjati


The Soviet Navy: A Growing Force in the Mediterranean (p. 71-79)
James Johnk


Nepal the Lamb (p. 81-90)
Irvin Becker


Thailand: An American Dilemma (p. 91-102)
Joanne Kramer


Indian Economic Perspectives (p. 103-116)
Leon J. Wisniewski


Review of Books

America and the Origins of the Cold War Edited By James. V. Compton. Boston: Houghlin-Mifflin. 

Cold War Critics: Alternatives to American Foreign Policy in the Truman Years Edited By Thomas Paterson. Chicago: Quadrangle Books. (p. 117-118)
Thomas M. Leonard

Arms, Yen, and Power: The Japanese Dilemma By John K. Emmerson. New York: Dunellen Publishers. 

Soviet Image of Contemporary Latin America: A Documentary History, 1960-1968 By R. G. Carlton. University of Texas Press. (p. 119-120)
William F. Barber
The Peasants of North Vietnam By Gerard Chaliand. Baltimore: Penguin Books.

Area Handbook for North Vietnam By Harvey H. Smith. Washington: US Government Printing Office. (p. 121-123)
Harry Piotrowski

Back Matter (p. 125-126)


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