I am personally concerned about the state of our elections, as well as our general political apparatus, in the United States. I find it disconcerting that the discussion or investigation of voter fraud or international meddling is met with resistance. In 2016, Republican partisans dismissed claims of foreign interference and, now in 2020, Democrat partisans are dismissing allegations of voter fraud. A free and fair election in which your favored candidate loses should be overwhelmingly preferred to a dishonest election which helps your political agenda.

I’m also deeply worried about the political divide in our country. Being dismissive or contemptuous when met with claims of fraud, whether as an individual or through the media, hurts our country immensely. Regardless of whether the claims are baseless, it should be every politically-active citizen’s deepest concern to adequately dispel notions of fraud, interference, or cheating.

In Joe Biden’s first speech as the declared president-elect, he called for unity. Yet, it’s hard to imagine any semblance of unity moving forward when 70 million Americans feel cheated. I read an article recently which stated “In 2012, many Republicans felt disappointed when Mitt Romney lost to President Obama. Very few felt cheated. That will not be the case in 2020”. This is, in my opinion, the largest obstacle to overcome on the path to unity, which I feel we desperately need.