The effect of COVID on the daily lives of people around the globe have induced a variety of reactions. I have found it, however, to not be so bad with a few exceptions.

The line between professional and personal life has become much more blurred as both take place within the same domain. By and large, I feel this has been good since I’ve had more time to myself in my own place. The drawback is that it’s easy to lose track of one’s commitments. I’ve slept through a couple of classes and missed a staff meeting for where I work, as it becomes quite easy to lose track of one’s obligations when it is only a couple of clicks away, which can be drowned out by activities going on. I prefer the new way of doing things academically, as assignments often require you to understand and interpret readings more on open ended questions rather than just cramming and regurgitating on tests should they have been in person classes, which I think helps me learn.

Masks are a neutral topic for me. I prefer not wearing one, but I have no qualms wearing one given our present circumstances with COVID and it being required in most institutions. I think the politicization of masks is petty, as it just seems like more ways to bash one side or the other of the political aisle without contributing anything meaningful.

Other than that, with regard to COVID, I am surprised at how much has changed since April. Things are more or less back to normal, except with masks and distancing. I suspect we still have a long while to go before we return to complete normalcy. This year has been a memorable one, and the effects of what has happened this year will be seen for a while, it’s just hard to tell where it may go.