Thick Paint and Heavy Thoughts: Art Collection

By Liza Julia Dennis, Spring 2019 Art Editor

The Carly Simon Album – oil paint
Creamy Skies – oil paint

A message from the artist:

With everything going on in the U.S., I just want to say that maybe it’s time we put our phones down for longer. Maybe it’s time we see the ones we love more often instead of texting them. Maybe it’s time we enjoy life for every second we have here instead of wasting it unthinkingly and carelessly. Let’s be genuine. Let’s be strong for the ones who are weak. Let’s be the voices that these kids deserve. Notice that the things going on in your life are temporary, so drive a little slower, use more caution, hold the door for others, and look up and smile when you walk around. Don’t get so mad when something goes wrong, remind yourself that someone always has it worse, refrain from using negative words, and forgive easier now so you can love harder later. Everything will always be okay. Get your head out of your devices and live this life with raw emotion and joy. Stop saying offensive words like “retard” because we can easily make the difference that others want to see, as they are capable of making the difference we want to see. We are born to adapt and with that comes the ability to make others feel more comfortable. Ask people how they are, because this is important. Do at least three selfless things a day. We must work together to make this world safe and bring peace. And on my last note, our generation has this tendency to say things like “fml” and “kms” often and nonchalantly. We need to understand that this life is the longest thing we will ever experience. Don’t wish for it to end; don’t joke about it. Don’t fail to recognize how precious every second is and how lucky you are to be exactly where you are at any given time. Know that you are breathing, have shelter, and are loved. So forget the cliché “life is short.” Your life is long. So breathe, relax, inhale and exhale, take things one at a time, and, most importantly, slow down. Make sure you are happy and continue to live, not just merely exist. 

With much happiness,
Liza Julia Dennis