Who We Are

MWP Staff

Vicki McQuitty, Co-Director

Department of Elementary Education

My own experience with writing has been empowering and transformative, yet I’ve found that many people don’t view writing in a positive way. As an elementary school teacher, my students struggled to write well and I struggled to teach them. Unfortunately, I knew nothing about the National Writing Project at that time. I learned about it by reading Inside the National Writing Project: Connecting Network Learning and Classroom Teaching by Ann Lieberman and Diane Wood. Reading that book, I would have given anything to experience what the Writing Project teachers experienced in the Summer Institute.

When I arrived as a faculty member at Towson University, I jumped at the opportunity to become a Maryland Writing Project Teacher Consultant (TC). MWP focuses on two things that I care about deeply: high quality writing instruction that empowers students and empowering teachers as writing instructors. MWP offers transformative opportunities for teachers to grow as leaders and teachers of writing. MWP TCs share their knowledge with colleagues and “spread” good writing instruction in their schools and districts. As a result, thousands of children have improved opportunities to learn to write. MWP’s impact is tremendous, and I’m very grateful to be a part of it!

Leslie Goetsch, Co-Director

Department of Instructional Leadership & Professional Development

The Maryland Writing Project has been a central force in all of my thirty plus years of teaching.  I attended the Invitational Summer Institute (then named the Summer Teachers Institute) in 1984 as a second year teacher (please do not do the math!).  During that five weeks, I developed not only a practice, process and philosophy of teaching writing; I re-kindled a desire to write fiction and built a network of great friends who also happened to be excellent teachers.  Over the course of the summer I learned an approach to teaching that continues to inform all my work today.  One of the pieces I wrote during the Institute inspired my first novel, published in 2008.  I have had the opportunity to work with the Student Writers’ Workshop, to teach and learn from students who are passionate about creative writing.  Over and over I have been energized, inspired, guided by MWP Teacher Consultants.   MWP has always been there for me as a source for growth and renewal; I hope I can return this gift to the new MWP.