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The Maryland Writing Project is a professional learning community that builds the knowledge, practice, and leadership of Maryland’s educators to improve writing and learning for all Maryland students.  Our mission is to build a network of knowledgeable teachers who are committed to high-quality writing instruction, prepared to share their knowledge with colleagues, and engaged in continually improving their own practice and that of their colleagues.

Our Core Principals

  • Writing is a tool that empowers students, promotes their critical and creative thinking, and provides a way for them to make positive changes in the world.
  • Writing in the 21st century includes multimodal and digital forms in addition to traditional print-based forms.
  • Knowledgeable, empowered teachers are key agents in preparing students to be successful writers.
  • Effective writing instruction is grounded in the collective knowledge of the field, including the research, theory, and professional practices generated by classroom teachers and educational researchers.
  • Writing instruction can be continually improved as teachers engage in classroom-based inquiry and share their knowledge in professional learning communities; it is precisely these professional practices that can serve as a powerful lever for school change.


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