You are responsible for 13 lab assignments which are worth up to 20 points each. The lowest of the 13 will be dropped, for a total of 240 points, 1/4 of your final grade in the course.

All lab write ups are available on Blackboard in the Lab write-ups folder under the Labs section. You should read this document before completing the short pre-lab quiz.

Each lab will consist of the following components:

  • (5 points) Prelab Quiz, to be taken via Blackboard
    (under Labs -> Lab Quizzes) by 10 AM each Tuesday in weeks that lab sessions are held. See note below.
  • (15 points) Lab Worksheet:
    One copy from each lab group of 2-3 students to be handed in at the end of each lab period.
    The Lab Worksheet will be included in each lab write-up, available via Blackboard.

Additional lab policies:

  • It is preferred that you work with at least one but no more than two partners on each lab.
  • Pay attention to Significant Figures on your report sheets.
  • If you arrive to a lab session more than 20 minutes after it begins, you will work on that lab without a partner. You will be required to finish the lab by the end of the lab period.

Lab Schedule
Prelab quiz for each lab is due via Blackboard every Tuesday at 10 AM.

Lab Date
Lab intro & planetarium Jan. 29
1. Celestial Sphere Feb. 5
2. Phases of the Moon Feb. 12
3. Kepler’s Laws Feb. 19
4. Orbit of Mars Feb. 26
5. Spectroscopy Mar. 5
6. Telescopes Mar. 12
Spring Break
Spectroscopy, Telescopes catch-up Energy Flow out of the Sun Mar. 26
7. Energy Flow out of the Sun Transits of Venus Apr. 2
8. Transits of Venus Exoplanets Apr. 9
9. Exoplanets Cratering Apr. 16
10. Greenhouse Effect Apr. 23
11. Moons of Jupiter Apr. 30
12. Meteorites May. 7

Note on Prelab quizzes:

If you experience last minute technical problems with Blackboard or with your
network and are unable to take the quiz, do the following:

1. If you have network access, e-mail me your quiz answers before the deadline.
2. If you do not have network access, call my office phone (410 704 3017) and leave a voice mail for me with your answers to the quiz before the deadline. These must be very clearly articulated, i.e. say “B as in boy” so I know you’re not saying “D”.

These are the only two ways I will accept quiz answers other than through Blackboard. I will not accept quiz answers emailed to me after the deadline.