Course Schedule

Most lab exercises and tutorials will be completed in class.

Concept quizzes are posted on Blackboard. Deadlines are every Wednesday at 2 PM

Service Learning Reflections are due on Wednesdays via Blackboard at 2 PM, one week after a visit to Wolfe Street Academy.

Week   Preparatory lecture and/or reading in online text In class  Deadlines
1- Jan. 31

Course Introduction

Science and the

Complete Survey: “What are you most interested in learning about in this course?”

Complete Form: Service Learning Commitment

Activity: Scales of the Solar System

W Science and the

Observing the Sky

Activity: Scales of the Solar System

UNL simulations:

  • Alt/Az demonstrator
  • Coordinate Systems Comparison
  • RA/Dec Demonstrator


2- Feb. 7
M Observing the Sky
UNL simulations:
  • Ptolemaic (geocentric) Phases of Venus vs. (heliocentric) Phases of Venus
  • Ptolemaic (geocentric) orbit of Mars vs. (heliocentric) Retrograde motion

Tutorials: Position, Diurnal motion

Wolfe Street Academy Volunteer Form: 2 PM
W Observing the Sky
UNL: Ecliptic (Zodiac) Simulator, Seasons Simulator
Tutorials: Seasonal stars, Seasons
Lab Activity: Celestial sphere
Concept quiz 1: 2 PM
3- Feb. 14
M Earth, Moon, and Sky

Tutorials: Cause of Moon phases, Predicting Moon phases

Class Zoom meeting with Ms. Leah Beachley from Wolfe Street Academy


Earth, Moon, and Sky

Orbits and Gravity

Lab Activity: Moon phases

UNL: Planetary Orbit simulator

Concept quiz 2: 2 PM
4- Feb. 21
M Orbits and Gravity  

Orbits and Gravity

Radiation and Spectra

Lab Exercise: Kepler’s Laws Concept quiz 3: 2 PM
5- Feb. 28
M Unit 1 Exam
55 minutes, class resumes at 2:55Radiation & Spectra
W Radiation & Spectra Lab Activity: Spectroscopy
6- Mar. 7

Radiation & Spectra

Telescopes &

W Wolfe Street Academy Visit #1 Lab Activity: Spectroscopy Concept quiz 4: 2 PM
7- Mar. 14
M Telescopes &
Lab Activity: Telescopes  
W Properties of Stars Concept quiz 5: 2 PM
8- Mar.21
Spring Break
9- Mar. 28
M The Sun  
W Wolfe Street Academy Visit #2 Concept quiz 6: 2 PM
10- Apr. 4

Solar System Worlds

Star and Planet Formation


Life in the Universe

Earth as a Planet

Lab Activity: Exoplanets Concept quiz 7: 2 PM
11- Apr. 11
M Unit 2 Exam
55 minutes,
 class resumes at 11:55Earth as a Planet
W Cratered Worlds Class Activity: Moon formation debate Concept quiz 8: 2 PM
12- Apr. 18
M Venus and Mars Lab Activity: Greenhouse Effect  
W Wolfe Street Academy Visit #3 Concept quiz 9: 2 PM
13- Apr. 25
M Venus and Mars Class Activity: Transits of Venus  
W Wolfe Street Academy Visit #4 Concept quiz 10: 2 PM
14- May 2
M The Giant Planets
W Rings, Moons, & Pluto Lab Activity: Moons of Jupiter Concept quiz 11 AND 12: 2 PM
15- May 9
M Unit 3 Exam
55 minutes,
 class resumes at 11:55
Comets and Asteroids
W Wolfe Street Academy Visit #5 Concept quiz 14 : 2 PM
F Extra Credit: 11:59 PM
16- May 16
M Meteorites: Cosmic Samples
W Review session for final exam Concept quiz 13 and 15: 2 PM
Final Exam