Volume LI – Number 1 

Andrew J. Burchett & Amna Q. Rana

Abstract: Despite continued democratization efforts in the country, the Rohingya in Myanmar continue to face severe persecution and ethnic cleansing at the hand of the military government with many calling for diplomatic intervention. During these human rights violations, foreign powers have stood by passively, yet they continue to decry the violence committed against the Rohingya. This article analyzes the current norms present within the international community that, due to their inherent conflict with one another, perpetuate the lack of humanitarian intervention currently seen. Smart sanctions enacted by all U.N. Member states are ultimately determined to be the most effective form of intervention due to their ability to significantly penalize the actions taken by the military and government of Myanmar while maintaining respect for state sovereignty.

Keywords: Rohingya, Myanmar, intervention, human rights, genocide, ethnic cleansing

About the Authors: Andrew M. Burchett is a student at Towson University studying Political Science. Amna Q. Rana is a student at Towson University studying Political Science and History.

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