Volume VII – Number 1

Richard B. Finnegan

Abstract: International Relations, as a field of study, has evolved in its focus throughout history. Above all, it is a discipline engaged in self-evaluation, meaning much of what is done involves studying authors contributions and evaluating their methods. This type of analysis is subjective and heavily influenced by the political cultural context of the time. This article aims to see past the confines of subjective interpretation and attempts to analyze the context in which the discipline exists. To this end, a study was conducted. Over 200 political scientists were surveyed on their experience and scholarly opinions related to the field of International Relations, and I examined the similarities and trends emerging from their replies, which were, broken down by age range, degree type, and theory preference. The author was able to discern the changes in ideological inclination among political scientists as well as identify leading schools and the most influential works and scholars in the discipline.

Keywords: International relations, research study, political scientists 

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