Volume XXXII – Number 1

Front Matter (p.)


Structural Adjustment: The Painful Medicine That Seems to Work when All Else Fails– The Case of Kenya (p. 1- 6)
Benjamin E. Kipkorir

International Monetary Fund Support for Africa’s Development and Policies for the Social Sector (p. 7- 12)
Festus L. Osunsade

Health Strategies for Africa (p. 13- 17)
D.A Henderson

The Zapatista National Liberation Front in Chapas, Mexico (p. 18- 23)
Scott Lauf

Notes and Comments

The White Rose Organization: A German Anti-Nazi Student Resistance Group, and Its Reception in the USA: 1943- 1995 (p. 24- 26)
Armin Mruck

The Boland Amendments and the Reagan Administration’s Policy in Nicaragua: An Inevitable Clash (p. 27- 29)
Michael Maccini


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