Parking Information

The best place to park for this event is the Towsontown Garage, which is located on University Avenue just off of Towsontown Boulevard.  If you are coming from Bosley Avenue or West Burke Avenue, the garage will be on your left.  If you are coming from North Charles Street, the garage will be on your right. Once you enter the garage through the commuter entrance to the left, you will need to purchase a visitor permit at the paystation as soon as you enter on the right.  The paystation is used as follows:

Push any button on the paystation to begin.  Paystation accepts cash in the amount of $10, $5, $1, quarters and nickels (dimes and pennies are not accepted) and no change/refund is given. Debit/Credits cards are also accepted.  Place the ticket from the paystation, face up on the dash of the vehicle.  There are free 5 minute spaces to use in order to retrieve the permit from the paystation.

Once you have a visitor permit, you must park in the designated visitor spots on the ramp leading up to floor 2 of the garage.  They will be designated with these signs:

After you have parked, walk up the ramp and take the main walkway into the College of Liberal Arts.  You should be seeing this entrance:

Once you have entered the building, take a left turn and walk to the elevators across from Room 2310.  Take them to the 4th floor, and you will end up right outside Room 4310.


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