Contemporary Chinese Economic Foreign Policy and its Implications for the Future

Volume LIV – Number 2
David Niebel
Abstract: China’s rapid growth and entry into the world economy has expanded China’s influence, while its territorial claims and economic foreign policy indicate an increasingly assertive approach on the world stage. China has the capacity to continue its economic projects abroad, and it has sufficient room to grow for a considerable amount of time into the near future. Because of this, and because of its ambitions to counterbalance American economic influence, we can expect to see large scale economic projects by China on the world stage into the foreseeable future until China exhausts its capacity, it is effectively counterbalanced and outcompeted by the US, or it consolidates a role as the economic leader in Asian markets.
KeywordsEconomics, Sino-American, China, United States, Foreign Policy, Trade
About the Author:  David Niebel is a student at Towson University and a member of the Towson University Journal of International Affairs. He is earning a B.A in International Studies with a minor in Economics and Political Science, and will commission into the Marine Corps upon graduating in Spring 2021. 
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