Volume II – Number 2

Richard E. Thompson

Abstract: While paying close attention to the implications for national sovereignty and defense, within the context of an evolving international legal order, this article argues that the immediate and successful employment of diplomacy and negotiation remain the only true hope for establishing world peace. The international legal order is evolving in light of new technologies and shifting dynamics such as the emerging nuclear threat, changes to the concept of sovereignty, the creation of supra-national organizations, an emergence of new nations, and an ongoing ideological conflict are redefining the parameters and nature of the international system. Disarmament is stalling as the looming threat of nuclear weapons use persists and degrades state relations. An influx of new anti-colonialist, Afro-Asian nations now pursue economic stability through the advocacy of supra-national and regional organizations, instead of national mechanisms. The rival communist and noncommunist ideological blocs are creating a system of customs conducive to the de-escalation of conflict.

Key Words: Sovereignty, Colonialism, National Defense, Diplomacy, Peace, Afro-Asian nation-states


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