Volume II – Number 2

Front Matter (I-V)


The Expansion of Irrigation and Related Problems in West Pakistan (p. 45-62)
David Firman

Self-Help, Self- Defense, and Self-Preservation in International Law (p. 63-76)
Judith L. Pinkard

The Heydey of Free Trade: The Treaty of Commerce of 1860 Between England and France (p. 77-96)
Stephen Goodell

Diverse Challenges to the International Legal Order (p. 97-106)
Richard E. Thompson

Reviews of Books

The Cold War: A study in U.S. Foreign Policy. By Walter Lippmann. New York: Harper and Brothers Publishers. (p. 107-108)
Fred M. Rivers

The Politics Of The Third World. By John D. B. Miller. New York: Oxford University Press. (p. 109-110)
Smart A. Ekpo

The Quasi-War: The Politics and Diplomacy of the Undeclared War With France 1797-1801. By Alexander DeConde. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons. (p. 111-112)
Joseph W. Cox

Selected Bibliography (p. 113-115)
Judith L. Pinkard


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