Volume II – Number 1

Front Matter (I-IV)


The Yalta Conference: Appeasement or Realpolitik? (p. 1-16)
Virginia A. Gardner

The State: Its Meaning in International Law (p. 17-27)
Avery W. Ward

Treaties as a Part of International Law (p. 28-37)
Richard Spirko

Reviews of Books

Atomic Diplomacy: Hiroshima and Potsdam. By Gar Alperovitz. New York : Simon and Schuster (p. 36-37)
Fred M. Rivers

Science, Technology, and American Foreign Policy. By Eugene B. Skolnikoff. Cambridge, Mass. and London: M.I.T. Press. (p. 38-39)
Perry Michael Ratliff

Six Days in June: Israel’s Fight for Survival. By Robert J. Donovan and the staff of the Los Angeles Times. New York: Signet Books.
Strike Zion! By William Stevenson with special section by Leon Uris. New York: Bantam Books. (p. 40-41)
Myron I. Scholnick

Selected Bibliography (p. 42-43)


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