Fall 2016 Issue

Volume L – Number 1

Front Matter and Dedication (p. i-xiv)

Front Matter (p. i-iii)

Dedication (p. iii-viii)
Paul T. McCartney

About the Authors (p. xi-xiv)

PART ONE: Reflections on the Life and Contributions of Dr. Eric A. Belgrad

Tribute to Professor Belgrad (p. 2-5)
Nitza Nachmias

Eric A. Belgrad, Personal Memories (p. 6-9) 
Jack Fruchtman

Remembering Eric (p. 10-11)
Joseph R. Rudolph, Jr.


PART TWO: Contributions of Dr. Belgrad to the Towson University Journal of International Affairs

The Vietnam War as a Guide to Future American Policy in Asia with Comments by Dr. Belgrad (p. 13-28)
Richard A. Falk with Comments by Eric A. Belgrad

Five Decades of Humanitarian Aid: The Case of UNRWA (p. 29-43)
Nitza Nachmias & Eric A. Belgrad

A New Isolationism: Threat of Promise (p. 44-46)
Book Review by Eric A. Belgrad

Russia, China and the West (p. 47-48)
Book Review by Eric A. Belgrad


PART THREE: Greatest Hits: Outstanding Contributions to the Towson University Journal of International Affairs

Make No Drones About It (p. 50-69)
Jake Loewner

Why South Africa Dismantled its Nuclear Weapons (p. 70-79)
Evelin Andrespok

Knowledge, Constitutive Interests and the World Wide Web: Can the Internet be an Emancipatory Medium (p. 80-90)
James C. Roberts

Is International Law Compatible with Peace in a War-Torn Society? Trials and Tribulations in Bosnia (p. 91-98)
Linda S. Bishai

The 1991 and 1917 Bolshevik Coups Compared (p. 99-128)
Harry G. Kyriakodis

The Reagan Pipeline Sanctions (p. 129-154)
Oliver C. Dziggel

On the Road to Peace in the Middle East (p. 155-165)
Michael Curtis

The Politics of the U.S. Trade Embargo of Cuba (p. 166-182)
David W. Dent and Carol O’Brien

Law of War in the Arab-Israeli Conflict: On Water and On Land (p. 183-195)
Richard R. Baxter

Conflict Resolution and the U.N. Peace-keeping Forces (p. 196-209)
Quincy Wright


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