Volume XLIX – Number 1

Will Pegram

Abstract: With the rise of the Islamic State (ISIS), the U.S. has been unable to achieve a complete victory for three main reasons. First, the Obama administration has made it clear that any form of intervention hinges on multilateral support. President Obama, also, was elected on ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which makes the involvement of the U.S. in the Syrian conflict unlikely. The second obstacle is the partisan divide in Congress. The partisan battle within Congress makes passing legislation difficult and nearly impossible for any legislation involving ISIS. Last, American war weariness currently exists and further hinders a complete victory. The American public grew very tired of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and therefore has fostered some hesitancy regarding intervention against ISIS. To overcome these hindrances, the U.S. should rely on and continue to provide support to local forces. Iraqi and Kurdish forces have demonstrated that they can be victorious. Though it may take time, this policy provides the best outcome.

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