Volume XXXVIII – Number 1

Robert Thumma

Abstract: An important contention of American foreign policy is whether to support regimes whose interests align with the US yet who are hostile towards their own civilian populations. Following the horrific events of September 11th 2001, American participation in global politics increased as they realized a coalition of states was necessary to combat international terrorism. Russia’s experience dealing with Islamic fundamentalists in Chechnya, made it an attractive ally in the US fight against international terrorism. Prior to the September 11th attacks, the United States had issued strident demands that Russia modify its policy toward Chechnya. Pivoting on this stance, however, since 9/11 the US has turned a blind eye to the Russian human rights violations and instead has used Russia as a stronghold in the Caucasus region to fight terrorist movements. Democratic Peace Theory emphasizes the need for alliances of democratic nations that can work together to solve problems plaguing the world. By welcoming Russia as a major player in world affairs, cooperation has been created to combat international terrorist cells.

Keywords: Russia, Chechnya, United States, Democratic Peace Theory

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