Volume XXXIX – Number 2 


AbstractThis article explores the actions taken by the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez in an effort to turn their country into a developed nation. The first action was analyzing whether Venezuela would translate economic output into military hardware. The way in which President Chavez was going to fulfill this action was by creating an initiative that would take unused and unproductive land and redistribute it to those who were homeless for farming and supporting their family. The second action was finding a more effective way to drill oil, since it was a major export. Since possessing oil meant that you had power, Venezuela got the chance to choose how much oil they should drill, how much should be put on reserve, how much to export, and who they would export it to. The final action taken was forming alliances with countries such as Cuba and Iran who had resentments towards the United States.

Keyword: Venezuela, United States, Cuba, Iran, Land Redistribution, Hugo Chavez, Oil, export.


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