Image result for british labour partyVolume XVII – Number 2

Oliver C. Dziggel

Abstract: In October 1981, the British Labour Party proposed a withdrawal from the European Economic Community (EEC) as a component of its political platform. This “threat” is important because Article 240 of the Treaty of Rome states that “the duration of the treaty is unlimited,” and there are no explicit withdrawal provisions in the Treaty. This article will examine the international legal issues, options, and consequences of the proposed British Labour Party policy regarding withdrawal from the EEC. The article will examine why the Labour Party wants to withdraw despite the legal implications; the legal structure of the EEC treaty, especially regarding national sovereignty; the body of international legal opinion and judgement on the sanctity of treaties, the issues of unilateral withdrawal; and the possible alternative strategies both for the Labour Party to achieve their announced objective and the Conservative government to circumvent Labour action.

Keywords: British Labour Party, European Economic Community, International Law

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